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5 reasons why you have to nominate in the Scottish Thistle Awards!

Blog post   •   Jun 12, 2017 20:28 BST

Scotland has some fantastic tourism businesses

From rolling hillsides and breath-taking coasts to rich history and awe-inspiring attractions, Scotland has a tourism offering that makes other countries jealous.We also have another ace up our sleeves, the warm and welcoming Scottish people.Scots are renowned for their warmth and our welcomes are famous the world over, so whether its admiration for your favourite visitor attraction, celebrating service with a smile or honouring first-class hospitability – you’’ be spoiled for choice and luckily you can nominate as much as you want!

You can sing the praises of an unsung hero

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, stayed a hotel or visited an attraction and left thinking - “that member of staff was so helpful I really should have tipped more/rung their praises to the manager/left a TripAdvisor review?” Well, making a nomination for them in the Scottish Thistle Awards is a chance for you to give praise where praise is due. It’s always nice basking in that warm and fuzzy feeling of doing something nice for others. Log on to the website, make your nominations and sit back smugly knowing you’ve played your part in making someone’s day that little bit special.

It’s the Scottish Thistle Awards 25th anniversary

Pull out those party poppers and help celebrate 25 years of the Scottish Thistle Awards Yes, it was way back in 1992 that the first ever Scottish Thistle Awards was held. Six lucky individuals and business claimed the top prize that night and since then over 350 winners have taken home the coveted Thistles prize. Over the years the competition has grown too with the addition of regional finals, new categories and entrants from thousands of Scottish tourism businesses.

There are some lovely categories.

From Most Hospitable Hotel and Best Pub or Bar to Best Visitor Attraction and Hospitality Hero – there are awards to cover all aspects of Scotland’s vital tourism industry. This year to mark the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, the Historic Environment Scotland – Best Heritage Tourism Experience will celebrate and bring to life, the country’s rich and vibrant heritage.

It’s quick and easy

We know you are busy people so we’ve made this nice and easy. Using an online application form, nominations can be submitted by individuals, by others in industry or by the general public across 16 regional categories. We then contact the nominee with a quick and simple online application form to complete.

To nominate visit . Nominations close on Friday 23 June 2017